With a little one on the way or the fairy-tale wedding just around the corner, our venue will provide you with the options you need. The privacy and different areas of our venue makes us ideal for kitchen teas, baby showers and even bachelorettes. As we absolutely love these types of functions, our team are more than willing to accommodate the special requirements these functions hold.


At 401 Rozendal, we know that the best celebrations always include a soulful plate of food. Sharing this vision and known for their outstanding service is Two Chefs, our on-site catering company. A mouthwatering experience, superb quality and striking presentation can be expected with every dish. These guys whip up the most magnificent meals, tailored to the client’s specific taste, type of function and budget. Whether you want an indulgent three-course feast, canapé-style platters or dish-to-plate catering, they can do it all!

In their very own words: “Our main focus is exceeding your expectations with an unsurpassed culinary experience and our personal touch.” – Two Chefs.


Adding to the countryside experience offered at 401 Rozendal, guests can delight in our very own variety of wines. For celebrations our Shiraz and Elgin Heights Emerald Cap Classique Chardonnay are two favourites.
In our cellar you will also find Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé Pinot Noir Méthode Cap Classique. Complementing a variety of delicious flavours, our wines pair wonderfully with the mouthwatering menus that Two Chefs dream up.
Besides our own range of wines, we offer a selection of other wines that can be ordered directly from us. For clients supplying their own wine, a standard corkage fee per bottle will apply.