Open for Essential Workers

401 Rozendal accommodation for Essential Workers

Our venue and guesthouse are unfortunately closed due to South African Lockdown restrictions.

Should you require accommodation for staff members providing an essential service, please contact us at accommodation@401rozendal.co.za for more information on rates and availability.

Please note that we will be requesting an Essential Services Certificate before accepting any bookings, which can be emailed to us prior to arrival. Upon check-in, the guest/guests will be required to show this documentation for verification purposes, as well as adhere to the COVID-19 check-in protocol.
The protocol we’ve put in place at 401 Rozendal ensures the safety and reassurance of staff members and guests.

The COVID-19 protocol includes, but is not limited to:
Screening of guests on arrival has become necessary to prevent an infected person from checking into the hotel; therefore, guests will be required to:
• Complete and sign a questionnaire
• Allow their temperature to be scanned with a thermal scanner

If a guest’s temperature falls within the normal range and they do not show any symptoms, they will be required to sanitize their hands and proceed to check-in.
If a guest’s temperature is higher than normal (actual temperature at screening should not exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius) and/or they show symptoms of the virus, they will be unable to check in and will be referred to a medical facility.

Staff hand sanitizers (alcohol based) have been placed in back-of-house areas (such as the office, laundry, and restrooms), as well as front-of-house guest areas (such as the reception desk, boardroom and meeting room).

Guest hand sanitizers (alcohol based) are placed in each cottage with a notice encouraging regular use.

Regular routine cleaning of public areas such as restrooms, tabletops, counters, doorknobs, back- office surfaces and front-desk surfaces throughout the day with a disinfectant cleaner.

Protective wear such as gloves and face masks are issued to housekeeping staff when on duty.

We thank our doctors, nurses, social workers and front-line government staff, volunteers and NGO's who are leading the fight against the pandemic.
We want to show our respect by offering them a safe place to stay without risking the health and lives of their family members.

Thank you for choosing to stay at 401 Rozendal, we look forward to welcoming you and providing excellent service as promised!