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Our Wines

Hailing from a family of passionate winemakers, and with a degree in winemaking under his belt, it is safe to say that owner, D.D Joubert, knows a thing or two about wine farming. Together with his knowledge, the ideal terroir of the area have led to the growth of eight cultivars on the farm, including Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Viognier. Besides the vineyards at 401 Rozendal, the Joubert family also planted roots in the southern slopes of the Elgin valley at Elgin Heights. The ideal conditions of both the Stellenbosch and Overberg regions, deliver fruit of great complexity and taste, giving rise to an array of enjoyable wines. 401 Rozendal supplies grapes to award-winning wine farms in the area, including Spier, Kanonkop, De Morgenzon, Cederberg and Perdeberg, but also keeps some of the harvest for own use. Together with winemakers from Spier, D.D has created five wines own to 401 Rozendal.

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Chenin Blanc

With ripe peach flavours on the nose, 401 Rozendal Chenin Blanc, is an inviting and easy-drinking wine, appreciated for its crisp taste and young acidity. Apricot and caramel spices, fused with the buttery flavour of oak and fruit integration, present a multi-layered chenin experience. Pairs deliciously with pork belly, asian salad or sweet and sour chicken.

Sauvignon Blanc

Complex in structure, every sip of 401 Rozendal Sauvignon Blanc brings forth a variety of tropical fruit flavours. The cool climate of the Elgin Valley, from where the grapes are sourced, gives this wine a refreshing quality with underlying minerality. A light and crisp wine to savour with our parma ham and melon skewers or fragrant chicken curry.

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Matured to a full-bodied red, 401 Rozendal Shiraz has prominent accents of minerality and a firm dense tannin structure. Notes of sweet tobacco, fused with spicy and herbal nuances are appreciable with every sip. The silky Shiraz pairs well with staple dishes like our peppered beef fillet, Springbok carpaccio or traditional lamb shank. A wine with good aging potential, to be enjoyed after a few months or years in the cellar. 

Rosé Pinot Noir Methode Cap Classique

Light salmon pink in colour, this celebratory wine not only tastes good, but also looks beautiful in the glass. A well-structured acidity underpins the fresh berry flavours and subtle minerality. This wine complements an array of dishes, but is best enjoyed with seafood, spring salads or fruity desserts like our black forest meringue or black cherry coup.

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Elgin Heights Emerald Cap Classique Chardonnay

Its sparkling sensation, pale gold colour and creamy elegance makes this crisp bubbly a favourite amongst our guests. With refreshing fruity notes on the palate, combined with the butteriness associated with Chardonnay, it is a well-balanced and well-appreciated wine, ideal for any occasion.

The Wonder of Wine

“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.”

– Andre Simon