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Foodie heaven at 401 Rozendal

27th September 2017

With every bite, the two talented chefs present a culinary experience - whether it be canapes, a hearty main or a decadent dessert.


5 Tips for Spring Brides

23rd August 2017

Now, if there’s one thing that truly excites a wedding planner or florist, it’s the variety of flowers that comes with spring!


Cape winelands wedding destination

23rd June 2017

For a bride-to-be or couple on the brink of marriage, the decisions, planning and build-up to their happily-ever-after are plenty. We get that.


Ideas for the Groom

29th May 2017

Rarely does the groom take centre stage. But a wedding celebration just wouldn’t be the same without a dashing groom, right?


Rustic elegant wedding

26th April 2017

Finding it difficult to choose between a rustic, countryside celebration and an elegant, timeless gathering?